Ezra Photo Dump

About every four or five full moons, I get the chance to finally collect the images that my parent’s have taken on their camera…well, the moon must be about right because I got photos starting back in August. There are lounging pics, feeding pics, holiday pics, donkey pics, hot tub pics, “oh no, I’m trapped with two women” pics, riding shotgun pics, “sledding” pics, and driving cars and a bobcat pics. It covers a lot of time and a lot of events…so enjoy!


  1. Is the moon as beautiful there as it is here in PA?? Love, Love the photos…. snow, hot tubs, a grandfathe and his grandson. Bliss.

  2. Thank goodness for childhood innocence. Ezra looks like he has had some great adventures. God bless the grandparents for giving him some normalcy during these uncertain times. As always, thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  3. How fun! I am giggling at all those fun shots…what a cute little boy. Great illustrations of the adventures of Ezra!

  4. Marilyn Gnewikow says:

    Love the pics of Ezra and Liam together & the ones of Ezra with Daddy. Ezra is such a cute little guy and such a good Big Brother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  5. Marilyn Gnewikow says:

    I meant the pics are with Grandpa. Sorry.:( They are great.:)

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