An Ante Meridiem Update

After an agonizing few seconds of trying to come up with a title for this post (this is a reoccurring theme), I settled on “An AM Update” but that sounded too boring and it’s already been done – probably more than once. So, as I second guessed the title, I decided to stick it out by spelling it out. Something different, and something that I couldn’t have done without the help of the omnipotent web site Wikipedia. Turns out that ante meridiem is Latin for ‘before midday’…and post meridiem is Latin for ‘after midday.’ New to me.

We have been blessed to have Ahna’s parents return, along with one of her sisters and her two daughters. They flew in from chilly Wisconsin on Monday night and will be here for the week with us. They all came up to the hospital yesterday, and Kari and Nora met Liam for the first time. Ezra returned with them…and promptly said hi to Liam on his way to get the iPod to try to watch Toy Story.

Liam’s medical update is fairly similar to the previous ones, with the exception that he has again had to have some increase in medicine to help with his comfort level and possible seizure activity. Last night we were treated to a new nearby neighbor that graciously made their presence known vocally all night long. This affected Liam only slightly – he wasn’t able to fall back asleep after waking this morning – but affected Ahna and I a whole lot more. Ah, living life in the hospital.

We have been trying on and off for almost the last week to see if Liam would be able to take a pacifier to help sooth him. Without an ability to suck, it’s hard to get him to keep it in his mouth for more than a few seconds without the help of something external (one of us holding it in, a correctly placed blanket to pin it in, etc)…but on two or three occasions he has been able to keep it in for a little while – and it seems to have helped. Alas, in the middle of writing this post, I tried to put it in and it fell out almost immediately. Oh well, we’ll keep searching.


  1. Pat & Lowell says:

    Glad to hear that the Bersagels are there with you also. Family love and support is so important. Thank you for sharing so much personal information in your blog. Our love and prayers are with you.
    Pat and Lowell

  2. I’m glad Kari and Nora get to see little Liam, too! Hope your neighbor gets good care, too, so everyone can have a restful day. loveyoumeanit

  3. My son didn’t have a suck when he was a baby either. He never got a strong enough suck to eat by mouth, but he would eventually take a pacifier. We started by putting a bottle nipple on our index fingers and moving it around in his mouth when we were holding him. If he would try to suck we would gently hold his chin up to try to get him to “latch on”. It got to the point that when I would put it in his mouth he would go for it, and we moved to the pacifier and it worked.

    Best of luck with the screaming neighbor…maybe some ear plugs?

  4. Ahna,
    I am so happy your family is back. Husbands, in-laws, and friends are all great, but sometimes we just need our mom, dad and sisters!! I can tell Ezra is having a great time with his cousins too!! Liam is so incredibly beautiful. Hugs to you all! Peggy

  5. You are fortunate that, in the middle of everything that sucks & is painful right now, you have such an incredible family rallying around you. Hoping this brings some comfort to you. As always, thinking of you guys & sending our love.

  6. Dani Schwalb says:

    Can you try a small knitted headband over the pacifier and around the back of his head? He really is beautiful.

  7. Let me know when you figure out the secret pacifier trick. Adelaide doesn’t have enough suction to keep one in her mouth. We could sometimes keep it propped in with a swaddle me wrap but I know that wouldn’t go for Liam. However, if someone is going to figure it out, I’m going to guess that it will be you guys. As always, keeping you close in mind and heart.

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