Hijacked: Attn Fire Service People

There was a previous successful hijacking attempt on this blog about how to help Liam (now can be seen at the top), but this one is a little different: it didn’t start out with a disclaimer (although, I suppose that’s what I am writing right now) because it was in fact hijacked by me. It’s not too often that I get to speak with too many members of the fire service outside of the poor guys that I work with – so I am going to bend your ears for a quick minute.

Seven years ago a few of us started doing a stair climb on Sept 11 (it has been written about several previous times on this blog), and this past year we have teamed up with the NFFF to take the program nationally. The gist is that you get a building and 343 firefighters to climb 110 flights of stairs on the morning of 9/11. It’s a tremendous memorial, a great motivation for better fitness, and an amazing training opportunity. Our goal is to get 100 places doing it this year for the 10th anniversary…and we are on the way. 63 department’s have already expressed serious interest in doing one, and we are going to put them on at both the CFSI dinner and at FDIC. Now we need your department to join in as well (or if you are already doing one in your city, we need you to pass this along to all of your friends). It’s one of the most rewarding things that I have ever been a part of, and it’s something that I know thousands of firefighters are looking forward to each year.

It’s not hard – as a matter of fact, we have done a lot of the design work for you – there is an IAP available that will go over everything you need to get it set up. You don’t even need a tall building, or a building at all. There are several climbs that use smaller buildings, amphitheaters, or sports venues (FDIC will be done at Lucas Oil Stadium).

For more information go to both www.9-11stairclimb.com and www.denverstairclimb.com

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