As we were expecting Ezra a few years ago, we received a gift from a friend/coworker of Ahna’s of a three dimensional replica of his hand and foot. Well, nine days into Liam’s life, we were fortunate to have her come back and do it again.

It’s at a place like this where I feel like I have to be honest…when I first heard about these molds, I was really skeptical. Of course, it’s a modern day rendition of the old school brassed baby shoe that our Grandparent’s have on their shelves – so it’s not a new concept…but I used to think that it would be a little creepy to have the molds done; and frankly I was afraid of turning into that old couple that has things like that on the fireplace mantel when our kids have become parent’s of their own. That was before I saw them done, and done how Cheri does them. It’s a super cool thing to have, and it’s really nice to have that moment in time so properly on display.

When Cheri got in touch with us about doing Liam’s mold, we were right in the middle of the first two weeks of this journey: quite confused, quite emotional, and quite lost (still are at times); but we were certainly sure that we wanted that molding to get done. She came up to the hospital, and figured a way to get Liam’s (who was still very sedated and laying flat on his back) hand and foot into the cups for the mold to take shape. A few weeks later, we were presented with the awesome piece of art that will soon find a good spot in the house.

If you are interested in getting one of these of your child (or pet or you, I suppose) for yourself contact Cheri at


  1. That is awesome. I’m sure you guys will treasure this…and I think you probably have a bit to go before you turn in to creepy old people.

  2. Cheri’s awesomeness abounds!!!

  3. That is something to be chersihed forever. What a incredible idea thank you for sharing.

  4. Sandi Hernandez says:

    It’s beautiful! What a treasure to cherish!

  5. Meg Jacques says:

    Cheri is amazing!! It’s gorgeous!

  6. This is SO neat. I wish we had done this when all mine were small (and in the hospital) too. Bookmarking!

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