I’ll get it out of the way first, to attempt to spare you the east coast centric hell-is-freezing news stories that have dominated the past few months (stop crying, it’s winter). Over the weekend it was 68 degrees. This morning it was -18 with a wind chill of -41. That’s cold….and you can see it in the photo below: that’s the window sill in our hospital room when we opened the curtains – and it’s inside the room (right off the edge to the right is the bed).

Liam’s day was again up and down. During his two decently longer naps, his vital signs were all over the place…again giving us more concern than normal. And even though he is getting anti-seizure medicine, there are still occasional signs that he might be having them. Also, he did finally loose that unappealing stump of the umbilical cord during a bath….revealing a clear cut innie (there was some question with Ezra).


  1. Cover that baby up!!! Don’t you know it is cold?!? hee hee hee

    So he has an innie, eh? Are there any outies in your family? Soon enough it will be warm enough to show off your belly buttons. Till then, stay bundled up! loveyoumeanit

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it sure is cold. I started my car today to make sure that I could still start my car and all the gauge needles twitched for a few seconds- both visually and audibly. I hope that’s just from the cold!

    Love you guys. I know you know that, but I still like to tell you every chance I get. I love you guys.
    Hugs to you two and smooches to Ezra and Liam,

  3. Dee and Eric says:

    Warm hugs from the Morgenthalers 🙂

  4. Karen Dorfield sister of Linda Profaizer of ARVC says:

    My sister sent me your web site & I am now dedicated to checking on you every few days. When my son, Adam, was born he had a diaphramatic hernia which required immediate surgery & 7 week hospital stay. Adam suffered irreparable brain damage due to lack of O2. I tell you this only because I have been able to relate to many things you are going through & the frustration you feel. Adam, too, suffered seizures & 37 yrs. ago they juggled meds in the same way they do today until something worked. I can also smile at the kindness you are being shown by the nurses in the NICU as one day when I entered ICU & Adam was dressed in a onesie w/blue elephants gracing it. He looked so normal to me that day & it was the first day I was permitted to hold him, he was 4 weeks old. His “crib” was the older version of what Liam is in w/o all the fancy bells & whistles. I guess I share this in wanting you to know you are not alone & I can in some ways relate to all that is going on in your lives. Know God is w/Liam & will not fail him or you. Liam & Ezra are blessed to have such wonderful parents, granparents, aunts, uncles etc. I hope you do not mind my sister sending me your web site
    as she knew I would be interested in your postings. Hang in there, young couple. Know there are so many saying prayers for you & yours. I will tell you Adam is now 37 yrs. old. It has been a challenge for both he & me but he is to me a sort of miracle. Be well & keep posting. I LOVE the photos! Liam is beautiful!
    God’s blessings, Karen Lister Dorfield

  5. Christi Johnson says:

    Have been away from the site for a few days and caught up on all the posts. Continue to hold on for the moments of joy – mixed in with the repetitive nature of your daily lives. Ezra has to be such a treat in all of your lives. Enjoy. Hugs.

  6. What a beautiful boy, innie or outie! Yikes it’s cold, we found frost on our weather stripping and even on our door handles! Love to you all!

  7. Love and prayers to you. You remain in our thoughts.

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