Ichiro Would Be Jealous

Wow, that’s a lot of hits: sometime yesterday afternoon we passed the 100,000 hit mark. It has to be said that the vast majority of those hits have come in the past six weeks, which tells us directly how much we are loved and supported. I don’t care if all those hits are different people, or the same person…but each time that you visit the site, hit the refresh button, or pass it along to someone else we become stronger because you become part of our journey.

Thank you.


  1. Way to go! I think it is a great testament of how many people love you and are pulling for you! Hope you are all cozy. You didn’t make Liam share the Giraffe Warmer, did you?

  2. Stephanie Lerner says:

    Thank you for keeping us posted on all the goings on. I know it might not always be easy to write. Thinking of you guys always and sending much love your way.

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