Sorry that the blog has been left behind for the last day and a half….honestly, I have been a unmotivated to write anything, so nothing gets written. And tonight really isn’t much different, I just thought that I needed to say it to you all. Maybe more tomorrow – we’ll see how the night goes.

With a blanket from Sara

Ezra haninging out at the hospital this morning


  1. Sarah Winter says:

    Thinking of you and Ahna . . .

  2. Oren, Ahna, Ezra, Liam,

    My wife and I log on daily with some since of subscription but more than anything hope. We are amazed at your incredible strength, honesty and optimism throughout this process. While we are outsiders we are at the same time admirers of such grace. Don’t ever feel obligation to us observers what comes first is life! Your talent for putting emotion and experience into words is second to none, with that said we all appreciate and respect your silience that much more. We are with you brother in prose or peace !


  3. katy gibbs says:

    that blanket says it well, yes Liam you are loved, even by those who have not met you yet:) love to you, your big bro and your mommy and daddy

  4. Stephanie Lerner says:

    Love to you all…and sending you continued strength and good thoughts.

  5. It’s OK Oren….You have been doing an amazing job of writing and keep all of your family and friends informed with outstanding words of wisdom and insight.

    Hang in there Brother! We are here for you in more ways than you know!!

    In our thoughts.

  6. I am sending a big, big hug! We love you! tori

  7. Drew Francis says:

    Your strength and honesty is humbling. We hope some day you will know how much you have taught so many of us.
    Drew and Jan

  8. The Morgenthalers says:

    Sending you SO MUCH love. Hope your night is peaceful – The Morgenthalers.

  9. I know that it is rougher for you than can be imagined. A beautiful baby that you love but the harsh prognosis that stares you in the face as well as the feeling that time is running out. Remember that God is with you and there are countless people “out there” who care and support the Briese family all praying for you!

  10. You have to know how you’ve touched us with your eloquent, honest, and brave posts day after day….and you have to know how truly humbled we feel reading them…..

    You deserve a break to “step away from the computer” whenever you want… We’ll always be here when you come back! 🙂


  11. dearest friends! so glad the blanket made it to you… you are loved and we are here…. love and peace to you..

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