Valentine’s Day

I know that it’s hip and cool to suggest that Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday for the card-making corporations (heck, I did it again this year which automatically means that it’s hip and cool). We all proclaim that we don’t need a specific day to express our feelings for each other, yet odds are that we come nowhere near expressing how we feel on a day-to-day basis…so one day out of the year specifically dedicated to the romantic, emotional, and complete relationship that you share with your loved one is alright with me – even if it’s a made up holiday for the card-making corporations.

This year we spent the holiday, you guessed it, at the hospital. We enjoyed some treats from our nurses, visits from our family, and a romantic dinner of leftover lunch cafeteria food. Despite the position that we find ourselves in, we find that our relationships with each other, family, and friends have been bolstered by this experience. The room was decorated by Nana, and if even for a day, it was nice to have some color in the room (the little bug in the photo was given to us by the hospital for Valentine’s Day).


  1. Dude! Salt water taffy? Somebody must really love you! I am sure cuddling on the pullout at the hospital is not terribly romantic, but your love and commitment to each other through this time has been such a testament and witness for the rest of us! We love you!

  2. Sending you our love!

  3. Stephanie Lerner says:

    You tow are an amazing couple…I am constantly in awe of how strong you have been through this all. The room looks adorable as does you little “bug”. Sending wonderful thoughts to you all.

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