More Random Photo Discoveries

In what thus far takes the cake for the most random assortment of discovered photos, we dumped all of the pictures off of Ahna’s cell phone the other day and came upon a few lost treasures. One or two of these might have appeared on the blog in the past, but they are mostly new – even to me – and they cover what is actually a pretty large amount of time…in the neighborhood of 20 months. Oh, and the big one is one of my favorite pictures of Ezra – a la ‘A Snowy Day’


  1. Ruth and Lee Forman says:

    Dear Oren and Ahna,

    Ezra was born on our youngest daughter’s birthday and Liam was born on my 70th and carries the same name as our only grandson…there is a spiritual connection.

    We are with you in spirit and send energy and prayers to be used as you and Liam need. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Enjoyed seeing the photos of the children and Garry.

    Cousin, Ruth and Lee, Nevis, West, Indies

  2. Wow…I recognize your old house in some of those pics. I concur that the snowy day picture is really something special. Memory lane can be so fun! loveyoumeanit…

  3. katy gibbs says:

    Ohh, snowy day is a favorite around our house. davey’s nightly snuggle buddy is his Peter doll from that book. the tag is worn to frays but at once point is said, based on the character in Snowy Day by Jack Ezra Keats.
    Well done Ezra:)

  4. The Morgenthalers says:

    Yay Ezra! Not a cuter kid on the planet!

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