The Roller Coaster

I suppose that this kinda ties in to the previous postings about how we are doing, but it feels like a little different take on the question. There is one statement that seems to pop up every once in a while when some folks around here check in with us: ‘it must be a crazy roller coaster ride.’ The answer? Well, sort of. I think that we have found what some roller coaster enthusiasts have been searching for for years…a ride that takes you up, puts you on high, and never lets you down.

Sure, we experience lots of emotions and we go back and forth fairly regularly between nearly all of them. But what’s different about this experience versus any other is that we don’t find ourselves involved with big swings up and down – it’s just always up. Whether it’s anger, hope, sadness, despair, encouragement, fear, understanding, happiness, or something else all together; it’s just all of the time all the way.


  1. “raise your arms Maurice – it’s more fun when when you raise your arms!!” (Madagascar2)
    hang on … much love – Anna.

  2. I thought of you guys yesterday as I was listening to a story on NPR about alarm fatigue in the hospital. It reminded me of some of the posts on your blog. It seems there’s no ticket off your roller coaster for the moment but I hope you guys continue to have good padding around you in the form of love and support. I’m sure the happy and hopeful highs feel good at the time but I have to imagine that regardless it’s pretty draining on the mind and body to be up all the time. So, I hope that padding continues to be good and thick as it seems from your posts.

  3. Marilyn Gnewikow says:

    Such a sweet picture of little Liam. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love to you all.

  4. I’m not sure when you might start recognizing who I am by my name, but to be safe, I’ll continue to go by “Anthony’s mom”! I have not commented in awhile but I can sincerely say that a day has not gone by in which you have not been a part of our family’s prayers. Every photo of Liam is more precious than the next. As a mom, when I look at his photo, I can barely fight off the urge of driving down to Children’s and scooping him up in my arms! He is so lucky to have you both as his parents…you are heros and that little man has rec’d more love in 8 weeks than some people receive in a life time. When I went to pick Anthony up from Peggy’s yesterday, he was sitting as close to Ezra as possible (I’m trying to convince myself it’s because he has missed Ezra, but really, I think he was just waiting to see if he could nab some of Ezra’s snack). They were so cute together. Then they went outside to play, and wherever one went, the other followed. Anthony would run after Ezra yelling “Ehra Ehra!” Thank you for sharing your sweet little boy with my son. God bless you and hold you close on this journey of love.

  5. Jody and Norris says:

    We think of you every day. When I am doing something I don’t necessarily want to do, I think of you two, and know how much you would love to be doing something so mundane. Whenever Norris freaks out about something, (you know that so RARELY happens!) I remind him what your family is going through, and it helps calm him down. You are both an amazing example to the rest of us.

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