36 Hours For Kids In Full Swing

The 10th Annual 36 Hours For Kids is hopping in the main lobby of the hospital right now. We’ve honestly never heard of it, likely because we have never either stepped foot in this hospital prior to Dec 19, nor do we ever listen to the station that hosts the radiothon. Both of those excuses aside, it’s a really cool and useful even that raises money for various needs in the hospital. I know that for example, the south side of the NICU was outfitted with new monitors for each room with money raised from previous year’s efforts. They are broadcasting live for three consecutive days in the lobby and accepting phone, walk-in, and internet donations for the cause.

Here is a link to the web page for the event.

The view from the fourth floor


  1. So if they are in the lobby broadcasting, are they also filling the atrium with the music? I can’t imagine the extra layer of craziness in the hospital, but you guys are probably so insulated from it up there, huh? We love you. xoxox

  2. You can also donate $10 by texting miracle to 27722

    An easy way to help!

    ~Shelly Ryan

  3. Andrea Davis says:

    I do listen to Alice 105.9. I usually stop listening during the 3 days that they do the 36 Hours For Kids because they tell some of the saddest stories and the hosts all cry al day and everything is depressing. I listened during my drives the last couple days thinking of you both and all the craziness there. I kept thinking that I might hear your story.

    They really do some amazing things and the hosts guilt trip you saying “Someday it could be your child. You never know.” I never thought about it until this time and how I know that the donations are so important to families like you.

    Much love to you both, and to all of the kiddos waking up in the hospital every morning.

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