The Wristband

The last couple of days have forced Ahna and I into making decisions and talking about things that we never, in a million years, would have anticipated needing discussed. We have an amazing support system of family and friends, and feel very much held up by everyone’s love.

Despite all of those hard topics and hard decisions, there is one that neither of us seems to be able to make: removing the wrist band from the hospital. We both know that it’s just a flimsy, disposable band that is supposed to be trashed as soon as possible (and probably should have been replaced a few times during our stay at the hospital)…but…they also are the only things that outwardly say “Here is Liam’s Mom” and “Here is Liam’s Dad.” Most people wouldn’t even notice them, but they are still there – visual reminders of who we are.

Sometime soon we are bound to take them off, and as they are removed, so will the last physical reminders of the hospital stay. It’s surprising that something that is so trivial is also so hard, but there are lots of memories that live within the wristbands.


  1. another eloquent expression of deep feelings….

  2. Sandra Hernandez says:

    I completely understand. Ang & Scott both had a hard time letting go of the wristband and that link. For me, now, I created a “MiMa” Sandi hat honoring my little munchkin that I wear everyday to work. It has a handprint button, flowers, lady bugs & colorful bees on it. And I proudly brag about my grandson even though he is physcially no long with us. With love.

  3. All transitions are challenging, and you are in the midst of one that is so hard in so many ways. As I’m sure you know, do whatever you need to do to feel connected to Liam, each other, your roles as his parents, and even the place where you cherished your time with him, for however long as you need and want.

  4. Sarah Leonard says:

    Thank you for sharing this. So meaningful and thoughtful – you two are amazing parents and people.

  5. I don’t know if this is the time or the place, but I just want to express a very humble thank you to you for allowing us to share in this journey with you. Your story and Liam’s life have forever impacted me, Katy, our life, and if I may be so presumptuous, the lives of many of the people that followed along. Liam’s fingerprints have been left on many lives because you were willing to share. Thank you. You have our most heartfelt prayers.

  6. Angie Waters says:

    I am not really sure that there are any words that I can say that will change anything. They will not change the way you feel and they will not change the way you think, and they will not change the path that your life is now on. But I do want you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Now and forever. My son, Keegan knows Ezra through Peggy’s day care. You are very strong people and I hope that I can learn from you. Forever in our hearts will your little Liam be, and an amazing Angel he will make. God Bless!!

  7. Leigh Ann Dimock says:

    We understand all too well. My prayer was that you would not have to be where you are at right now. I am sure the only way that braclet will come off your arm is to wear off. But whatever you choose will be the right one for each of you. I am glad you had the time with Liam that you did and have so many beautiful pictures. And I thank all three of you for sharing Liam with us. You have also shared your hearts with all of us. This is such a hard road that is before you but we are all still here for you. Use us! We want to help in any way that we can. Hold each other close. We are here praying for your family. Love Brian and Leigh Ann

  8. Scott Russell says:

    I fully understand about how hard it is to let go loss, with the things that we use to remind us of that loss. I have done that very thing, my pain is my own and in no way capable of being compared to what you now hold. But know that you will always be Liams parents and no plastic band will change that, you should keep and cherish those bands in a place that honors him and holds a memorial of celebration for his light in your lives. I am emptied hearing about this crush of loss in your familys lives. My Love goes out to you all. Everyone in your family deserves eternal Love. Please know that you will possess Love for each of your

  9. Scott Russell says:

    family members and as well all of your friends possess that same Love back to you. I know my words can’t shine bright enough to clear the fog of true loss in your life, but please feel how much I Love you and I’m sending light your way…..

  10. Dear Ahna and Oren and Ezra, Lotson and I want to send you our love and condolences on the departure of Liam from this earthly home. We are sending you many many hugs and continue to pray for you and your family on a daily basis.
    Much love, Erin & Lotson


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