New Wristbands

Well, after much consideration (possibly too much), a decent amount of thought, a lot of recommendations, and finally a much anticipated delivery; we have gotten our new wristbands. We have previously written about the wristbands and what they meant to us here and here, and then about the interim ones here.

We spent a lot of time perusing the internet looking for ‘that perfect one’ only to not want to get committed. The funny thing about it is that we know that even these wristbands won’t last forever, and if we don’t like them we can keep looking….but since they are something that we are going to be wearing all of the time, it was something that we really wanted to get right. And I think that we found the right ones (at least for now) at a place called The Vintage Pearl. The Vintage Pearl allows customization on size, font, and wording…as long as it fits within a certain character count – which leads to a whole different consideration about what to write. I settled on a leather band, and Ahna got a really nice bracelet and necklace.

They arrived while we were on vacation in the midwest, and once we got them on, we were really happy with them. They have been a nice permanent fixture, and have already become conversation pieces – leading Liam to be thought of and remembered by even more people.


  1. Sarah Leonard says:

    Lovely. So glad you guys found something fitting (at least for this moment!) 🙂

  2. They are beautiful! Good luck as you start your new school year, Ahna. You are all in my thoughts.

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