Wristband Update

Wow…it’s almost been a week since the last post. There’s a blog detox of sort happening right now – or we’ve actually just been really busy and haven’t found the time to be able to share any of it with you till today.

The ‘biggest’ event of the past few days is the beginning of potty training for Ezra. It’s big enough that I think I’m going to write a special post all for itself.

While Ahna was neck deep in the potty training, I spent the later part of last week in Indianapolis at FDIC (a conference for firefighters) helping to run a stair climb. A group of five of us went out there and organized and ran the first 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at the conference. It’s very similar to the one that I help with here, except for the two obvious differences: 1) it wasn’t on 9/11 and 2) it wasn’t in a building (it was instead held inside of Lucas Oil Stadium). It was very successful, and we have settled on doing another one at a conference in Baltimore at the end of July. These climbs will go a long way in helping us towards the goal of having 100 climbs happening on 9/11 for the 10th anniversary this year.

New topic: through a friend, we learned of an organization called The Rowan Tree Foundation. It’s a group that helps parents that have suffered through and with the loss of a child. Truth be told, it completely sucks to have to learn about organizations like this one….but here we are anyway. The Rowan Tree Foundation helps people across the country, but it’s actually headquartered here in Parker. We have been in touch with them and are only now beginning to find out about some of the resources that they bring to the table – which I think will be great to know about. Anyhow, the folks there had read the blog and offered up a wristband that they have for the foundation. It’s a perfect something to wear while we are searching for the perfect something to wear (ps – thanks for all of the suggestions…I think that we’re close to getting something).


  1. […] Well, after much consideration (possibly too much), a decent amount of thought, a lot of recommendations, and finally a much anticipated delivery; we have gotten our new wristbands. We have previously written about the wristbands and what they meant to us here and here, and then about the interim ones here. […]

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