A Tree For Liam

This morning we had a tree planted in memory of Liam. It’s a ginnala maple tree that will grow to a pretty decent size over a long life, and it’s leaves will turn a red-ish color each fall. We planted it in the back yard…someplace that we would be able to see easily from the house and in a location that as the tree grows, so will our ability to benefit from what it has to offer (shade, beauty, etc). This is part one in a multi-part natural memorial including at least a garden at our house, a tree at the cemetery, and perhaps sometime elsewhere. Thank you to everyone that helped with this tree, especially to the good folks at Renovations Landscaping.


  1. I am so glad you were able to do this. I am excited to see it next time I am in town. I have been thinking of little Liam with all the antelope – I saw some today playing with the burros – guess they never heard that song…

  2. Carole Malezija says:

    The perfect way to memoralize Liam, a living tribute to his life. As you watch this beautiful maple tree grow you hearts will think of Liam and the beauty he brought to your life. No comparison, but when I lost my mother, I am not one for statues in the yard, but I found the perfect angel which she loved, that angel is in my front yard and each day as I drive up to my house I think of my beloved mother. May you have memories of your beloved baby Liam as the tree grows.

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