Ezra’s First Day Of School

Yup, that’s what it said: his first day of school. Crazy to us as well.

Ezra started preschool this morning, a venture that will land him there twice a week for a couple of hours in the morning. He is in the class with a few other friends of his and he has been super excited about it all summer long. So the day arrived this morning, and as certain as we were that it wouldn’t be any problem to drop him off, he tried hard to prove us wrong by crying as Ahna left the classroom – she was able to peak back in just a few minutes later and found him to no longer be crying and to be having a grand time with the other kids.

As the day shaped up, I had to be at work. And for any of you out there who think that the schedule that I work is grand and delivers lots of time off, I can tell you one thing is for certain: having to miss your child’s first day of school because you can’t get vacation time is a really, really tough thing. Days like this, the schedule that I work is a tough one to have. So how lucky is it that I have some amazing friends at work? I called one of them at the last minute – on a day that he was spending with his family – and asked if I could be on the receiving end of a huge favor. With little hesitation at all, he zipped into the station and worked for me for almost two hours to afford me the chance to go and pick Ezra up from his first day. A massive thank you to a great friend, and an equally as big thank you to his family for their understanding. I hope to get to repay him sometime with something half as meaningful. So, long story longer, I was able to be there to pick Ezra up (and snuck in there a little early to see how he was doing).

He told me that he had a super fun time. One of his teachers said that he did great. It was great that Ahna was able to take him, and that I was able to pick him up. And thus is the beginning of a tale of semi-formal and formal education that will last us the next 18 years-ish…..


  1. Yeah for first days and fantastic friends!

  2. Sandi Hernandez says:

    Oh I remember both those days with my two. I cried hard as well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sarah’s sister (Katie) did the samething when I would drop her off; cry because she didn’t want me to leave her and then not want to leave when I came back to pick her up at the end of the day because she was having too much fun. Exciting times, so glad you could both share in it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a great friend from the FD….that’s what we like about the fire service!


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