One Week

So hard to believe that an entire week has gone by since we last held Liam. Part of the disbelief is that it has gone by really fast – because we have had family here, because we had a funeral and reception to plan, and because we have had to find our way back into a life that we weren’t expecting again.

There are some things that have been good to return to, like cooking our own meals (with the supplemental help of some pre-prepared meals); but it’s been a lot of moments of serious emotion – mostly at some unexpected times. To say unexpected is a little strange, but when we were surrounded by amazing family and friends on Tuesday night, emotion was on a good upswing. Then the silence of the night settles in, and the unexpected moments loom large.

We have ventured out and about, with trips early in the week turning out to be more difficult than we thought, and we are starting to find a routine again at the house. Yet, it’s one that we know will change sooner than later, as both of us will have to go back to work before too long. We are really cherishing these moments together.

Minute by minute, hour by hour…now week by week.


  1. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about all of you and your journey. My heart holds your sadness as well.

    I am so glad I got to meet your beautiful little Liam. What God has to tell us and teach us is sometimes so hard to grasp.

  2. Emotion seems to hit sometimes in the expected places and sometimes in the not. After my dad died, I found driving in the car to be my unexpected place…maybe because your body is forced to just sit and slow down in some ways. Go with the moment wherever it takes you.

  3. Love hurts more than anything yet its better to love than not. Once again I’m so sorry for your loss. He will be remembered and missed by a lot of people. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have a glance into his special life with you.
    Love the Z’s

  4. yes, did pause on Friday to think, “one week….”…. and wondered just how one sets upon the next journey…the surreal life of this new reality will, indeed, be one hour, one day, one week at a time…. sometimes still one minute at a time… thinking of you all… Jan

  5. Still here for you O…call or write anytime.

  6. Thinking of you all.

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