We’re Old

Wow. I suppose that there isn’t a better way to judge your age than to fully immerse yourself in a place and atmosphere that is decidedly younger than you are….like a concert for The String Cheese Incident. We received tickets to see my favorite band (along with dinner) from some friends as a date night gift, and the show was last last. Ezra went to his Grandparent’s house and we hit the road.

The concert last night marked several interesting points, for example, even though we have seen the Cheese upwards of 30+ times, we have never seen them at a venue with seats. I’m not sure if having the seats there allowed for us to dance then rest, or facilitated us feeling older by giving us a place to sit down. More personally, this set of concerts that have become a tradition for the Cheese to do (although they haven’t done one since 2007) also marks the rough anniversary of Ahna and my third date – to the 2002 run of the Winter Carnival. When we arrived last night, we discussed any songs that we were looking forward to potentially hearing, and the one that we both picked – Birdland – showed up as the second song played; just following the appropriately titled ‘Smile’, which kicked off the show.

There was definitely a lot of energy in the building last night, the music was loud, and the crowd was – well, expected. All of the non-conformists conforming nicely together. Lots of drinking, lots of drugs, lots of dancing, and lots of fun. And here comes the somewhat shocking confession: we’re both getting a little over it all (not the music – just the scene, don’t worry). I’m not sure if it is the fact that we are getting older, that we are parents, that we are more in line with society that not, or that we have just had some life experiences that don’t allow us to be so innocent anymore…but the caricatures of people just aren’t that exciting or interesting anymore. But that’s okay, because we hope to be the old couple in the back for a long time to come.

Ahna and I had a blast. We danced, we sat close, we enjoyed dinner out, and mostly we enjoyed being with each other. Neither of us ever got completely lost in the evening, but we did find moments of freedom.


  1. Wow…I remember meeting you for the first time at Winter Carnical in 2002. It brings back all sorts of memories actually. I am glad you ol’ geezers had a good time and didn’t break a hip!

  2. You’re even older when you have to youtube the band to see who they are!:)

  3. Marilyn Gnewikow says:

    So happy that you two had a chance to get out and enjoy yourselves. It’s been a long time coming.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I agree with Sarah… I thought it was a string cheese fight or something you guys had with Ezra… and here it is, a band!!! haha ya know you’re old when.. haha What a nice evening for you to enjoy. and am sure the grandparens enjoyed theirs as well. πŸ™‚

  5. Andrea Davis says:

    Shaun and I went last night and had a great time. Sadly, I was falling asleep so we had to leave early. I was thinking about the two of you though. Glad you got a night out.

  6. littlehippie says:

    Andrea – yea, I actually was able to go last night too….great bluegrass stuff….and a good show all around. Left just before the second set closer – getting too tired.

  7. Ruth and Lee Forman says:

    Dear Oren and Ahna,

    Just want you to know that I again read all your postings since Liam entered and left your his earthly journey. I share your sad heart in the shortness of his life on this planet with you.

    But from your posts, I gathered that the love and bond between you grew even deeper and perhaps this is the greatest gift he gave you.

    I am sure that you will cherish every second you had with him and those gifts and your deeper bond will be with you forever.

    Glad you found a few moments of freedom during your evening out and hopefully with spring time coming soon in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, you each, together with Ezra family and friends will find new moments of joy and freedom.

    Love and our sincere condolences from Nevis,
    Ruth and Lee

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