And….We’re Back

Wow, it’s been a while! Thanks for the break, and for not knocking down our digital door demanding more posts while we took some time to slow the typing roll. A few weeks have passed since we last saw each other with fresh stuff, and for that we are somewhat apologetic…but truth be told, it’s been a welcome renewal. We have had lots of up days, lots of down days, and a few sideways days; but as things go, we are dealing with each day as it comes.

This is going to serve as a catch-up post, then we’ll hopefully be back to regularly spaced updates…so let’s go:

Ezra had his last day at Peggy’s house (as detailed in the last post). It was a day of a lot of fun and a lot of tears, that for us quickly led to a near immediate need to refocus on his first day at his new joint. The new place is even closer to school, and is also an in-home center that a couple of kids from Peggy’s transferred to as well. So there is a new home, new friends, and a few familiar faces. So far Ezra has been there a few days and seems to be adjusting really well and having a great time. It’s a big relief to know that he’s in a good place and is having fun.

Just a few days after the emotional last day at Peggy’s was the emotional day that was Mother’s Day. I’ve debated how much to write about this day, and eventually decided on just including a few words here. We tried really hard to focus on good/positive things, but there was simply no way possible to go more than 15 seconds without thinking about Liam. It was a really hard day for us both, although we were able to have a good time spending the day as the three of us. We went that morning to Breakfast at the Zoo, which was a lot of fun. We had a good meal, and were able walk around the place without too many other people around. Without going into everything that Ezra and I wrote in Ahna’s card, it has to be said and repeated here that Ahna is an amazing Mother of two beautiful children. Ezra, Liam, and I have been so lucky to have her in our lives.

Ezra slept a bunch as he has been fighting a cold/temp/laryngitis….

And the ladder truck has been on a few fires…although I wasn’t on this one. I’ve gotten to attend, but this one was done while I was at training so I didn’t get to go. It gets a place here on the blog because a) it’s a good picture, and b) there is a great story about what is happening at this exact minute that will have to be shared face to face.

Oh, and here is a closing random photo.

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