Father’s Day

No sense in lying about anything here….Father’s Day was a day that was full of turn-it-on/turn-it-off emotions: very up and down. I was treated to a wonderful breakfast meal of pancakes made lovingly by Ahna and Ezra in unison. Ezra did a great job helping to measure, pour, and mix before retiring to eat some of the first batch that came off the griddle. We spend the rest of the morning with my Dad working on putting together a swing set down at their house for Ezra to use (it was given to us by some great friends when they were done with it). There was a really tough stretch about mid-afternoon when I spent a lot of time thinking about Liam, but I was graciously helped through it by Ezra (with some Ahna love in there too). Ahna and Ezra made it really special, although it was a lot tougher that I even thought that it was going to be.

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