So it turns out that smack in the middle of amazing Rocky Mountain wonderfulness is a place that is also full of boating wonderfulness….even for non-boaters. Just walk/drive down to a marina, drop a few bucks (or let the Grandparents do that), then Captain a boat anywhere it will fit for a few hours. We took this opportunity to do this a few times, and Ezra loved it all.

The first time that we went out was in a speedboat…every subsequent time was in a pontoon boat – something that I previously thought of only for large groups of annoyingly drunk people, or old families that were too scared to get too close to the water while going too fast. While those in fact may also be true examples of pontoon boat usage, you can also add families that have 3 year olds who like space to move around and store food/toys/clothes. These things were actually really nice, really easy to use, and provided a great space for all of us to be – even when not focusing on being on the water.

And if your wondering…no I haven’t lost my ability to swim, I was being a sympathetic and understanding parent by wearing a life jacket when Ezra was the only one required to have it on. Don’t get me wrong, I tried not wearing it as much as possible, but when he wondered about it…on it went.


  1. GREAT photos in an incredible setting! You are a good sport to wear the life vest, too. Good role model. love the photos.

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