Fishing Firsts

One of the boating excursions was in the company of a guide and with the expressed intent of catching some fish. But in order to prepare for this trip, Ezra went out with Saba the afternoon before, and spent some time on the dock learning the basics of fishing…namely what half a worm looks like, how to cast a rod while worrying about loosing an eye, the art of staring at a bobber, and patience. Ezra did take the opportunity to test Saba’s reflex speed by dropping the rod in the water once…and Saba passed the test with flying colors before it became an exploratory mission.

The next morning, we got up early and headed out for a few hours fishing. Close family member Hunter came up to spend a couple of days with us, and he got there just in time to see what Colorado fishing is all about. Despite a cold morning on the lake (50s), it didn’t take long to start catching fish; and it wasn’t hard to keep catching them. During our four hours on the lake, we were able to catch somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 fish, including at least one of every kind of fish in Lake Granby….the Granby Grand Slam as the guide called it. In that mix were Ahna’s first ever catch, Ezra loving to help reel but being scared of the flopping fish in the boat, and Hunter and Dad going back and forth on which fish to keep and which to get rid of…..(the story here revolves around being able to tell the difference between a brown trout and a rainbow). We ended up keeping a handful of fish, and bringing them back to the cabin for some deliciously fresh dinner that night.


  1. that picture of ezra and grandpa is SOOO cute! they look just alike. love it.

  2. Ahna – you look radiant! What a fine fisherwoman you are!!! Man behind the lens, did you get to catch anything? I imagine as a father first, your catch goes to the little man. loveyoumeanit….tori

  3. I love the picture of Ahna with her fish! Looks like a fun family time for all.

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