The rest of our time in Grand Lake was no less entertaining or interesting than the first couple of days, just less photogenic because it revolved mostly around us hanging around with us. A few naps, some reading, more naps, a visit from JJ and Rachel, another nap or two, and a thunderstorm. We did manage to squeeze in a few things in there that would make good stories beyond how well I was able to sleep in the afternoon, including a trip to Adam’s Falls and a trip to the spillway.

Adam’s Falls is a great little hike just at the edge of town, great because it’s close and easy and provides something really cool to look at. With the snowpack at a near all-time high, the runoff into the lakes has been amazingly high as well, thus making something that is cool to see any day of any other year into something that is super dramatic/bordering on scary. The river gets squeezed into this super narrow, super steep section just before it drops into Grand Lake; and the high water was something to admire.

The spillway is not a place that I would normally take a hour out of my day to go see, but this was different (see the reasons above with Adam’s Falls, and the fact that they normally only do releases during a very brief time of year). They have been releasing water to keep Lake Granby at ‘normal’ levels and to feed the Colorado River; and due to the amount of water that needs releasing….holy cow. Intense.

Oh, and there is a few photos of a little campfire that we got going one evening to cook up some smores….another Ezra first.



  1. cool! a rushing river is one of my very favorite Rocky Mountain things!

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