Uphills And Downhills And Uphills And Downhills

A good friend has embarked on a journey of his own, and he has restarted his blog to share some of it with all of us. Perhaps you can read about it, share stories, and maybe even reach out to him if you feel so compelled. Below is a part of his most recent post, and a link over to the rest of the story.

“The next day I met with Dr. Gonzales, the oncologist, as a follow up to the surgery. (This is where I found out I can read a pathology report better than my surgeon and the 5th year med student). It took 2 doctors to inform me that I am “seriously” ill. What???? How can I be so seriously ill, but not feel it? We started to discuss my treatment options, which are limited since melanoma does not respond to chemo or radiation. So this is where we are in our journey/ride…for now.”

Click here to go to the blog and follow his story. [PS – Firefighters: drop what you are doing, unless you have a hose/tool in hand, and read and follow this. It’s too important.]


  1. Becky Black says:

    oops…lost my first comment. Praying for you and your family. I’ve been really miserable about keeping in touch but you have always been in my heart. I love you!

  2. Hi. I am Mike’s sister, and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing his post, and for pointing out the relevance to other firefighters. I peek at your blogs now and then, and I appreciate your writing and the way you share your feelings. I am glad my brother has such support around him. Lea Zukowski

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