A Mission To Mars

An astronaut. A candy bucket. A fun night.

This year’s version of Halloween featured a bummer (I had to work) and a special guest (my Aunt from Israel), but still was centered on Ezra’s planetary exploration of the neighborhood candy-producing solar systems.

As Ezra does have a small allergy to peanuts, we try to avoid them as much as possible. I think that we were all amazed at how much candy contains peanuts, or cannot promise to be peanut free. After weeding through Ezra’s stash, his got a lot smaller, and ours got a lot bigger. But, it would be nice if there were more peanut free candy givers out there (I hesitate to say that we didn’t even consider it this time)….take note for next year.


  1. zukowskico says:

    Having been down this peanut laden candy road a few times, candy is fraught with peanuts. We are one of the few peanut free candy givers. It stinks, with peanut allergies being quite prevalent, seem to this parent more should be done to keep kids safe. Our solution is to give out peanut free candy and trade the peanut candy out for extra candy in our bucket. Good Luck! And great costume!

  2. We expect that you are totally devastated to think that all of the peanut candy will be a part of your diet for a while!!!!!!!!

    Betty & Dave

  3. Jeff Hafner says:

    What a cool costume!!

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