An Ezra Update: Photos And Videos

Soon more updates on Ezra will be coming you way (potty training, school, bull-headedness, etc)….but here are some fun photos and videos from the past couple of weeks.

Necessary sentence to space out the two videos because WordPress wants to compress them together for some reason.


  1. Great footage – makes me nostalgic for tubing with my goddaughter when she was little! And kudos on the Mothersbaugh – I dig! Yeah hooray for winter fun… loveyoumeanit!

  2. We notice that you have some of that white stuff out in Co. MN has had the most open winter that I can recall of. When we were in AZ or 7 weeks, we kept watching the weather back home. With temps in the 40’s and 50’s, we wondered why we were down there.

    We got home on February 18th and were greeted with snow on the 20th. However, it was only about 3″ and much of it has already melted.

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