The Making Of A ShotSki

What is a ShotSki you ask? If you don’t know what one is, chances are pretty good that skiing isn’t a big part of your life….or if it is, you are about to be awakened to the new possibilities for old skis. The concept is pretty darn simple: take one old ski, and turn it into a shot drinking device for four people (usually to be used at a ski hill, but available for the occasional home use event). You will find instructions and corresponding images below (but first, a friend’s completed ski during use a few years ago):

Step 1: Procure old ski from basement, having kept it many years for this singular opportunity. Make sure it’s long enough, generally around 200 cm.
Step 2: Get medieval on it. Remove bindings. Make sure to have some variation on the following tools: many screwdrivers of each type, a chisel, a hammer, a dremel tool, and a hack saw.

Step 3: Clean, and paint (if desired).
Step 4: Use a 1.25″ hole saw and drill out places for the shot glasses to go. Realize after you start each hole that you won’t be able to complete the hole because the ski is skinnier than the drill bit. Be satisfied with just creating targets for the shot glasses to end up.

Step 5: Secure the shot glasses on the ski – I used contact cement….still waiting to see if that will be the final answer.

Step 6: Find the stickers that you have been accumulating for years and do your best to NASCAR up the ski with cool stickers from the past. Adds instant credibility to the ShotSki.

Step 7: Trail run. Enjoy the success!


  1. Very clever, but it would be very lonely if you could not find 3 buddies with the same thirst!! You would be faced with “drinking alone” and may end up being “poured into bed!”

  2. Wow – I miss skiing so much more now! Hope you have had a good season and that there is plenty of good snow still to get! loveyoumeanit…tori

  3. G’Day! Ourlittlehippie,
    Thanks for your thoughts, i’m producing a shotski, and i dont want to glue the shot glasses to the ski- just about anyone have any creative ideas about what i can use for mount so that the shot glasses wouldn’t slip off or fall out? employs a super mount, but i really don’t know how to make it or what i can use for a substitute… any ideas would be drastically appreciated

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve seen people use velcro so glasses can be taking off and washed. Just cut it to match base and glue both pieces on.

  4. KDerheim says:

    Hello! What kind of paint did you use for re-painting the ski? And did you re-lacquer the ski over top of the paint? Thanks!

    • littlehippie says:

      I used outdoor metal/plastic paint. I scuffed the ski before the paint, and then applied lacquer over the paint.

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