10 Years Of Ahna & Oren

2002: I was fresh off of three weeks at the Olympics in Salt Lake City, 25 years old, and almost three years on the job. I had just bought a new house, was still living with a few other guys, and enjoyed going to Sancho’s for drinks and conversation. Ahna was in her first year with Denver Public Schools with a class she had picked up part of the way through the school year, and was recently completed with an amazing volunteer year with the Urban Servant Corps. She lived with a few other ladies in the Monroe House, and enjoyed going to Sancho’s for drinks and conversation.

2012: We have traveled to Europe, Africa, Mexico, and from west coast to east cost – and almost everywhere in between. We have enjoyed countless amazing live concerts, camping trips, and experiences that opened our eyes. We have witnessed friends meet, grow, get married, and have kids. We have seen the highest of the highs, and been to the lowest of the lows. We have seen life, and we have seen death. We have had two beautiful boys, and moved into an amazing house together.

Jobs have changed, housing has changed, friends have changed, families have changed, politics have changed, perspectives have changed, priorities have changed, we have changed…but ‘we’ have not changed. 10 years ago each of us walked into Sancho’s with some friends expecting a fun night of drinks, music, and happiness. Neither of us had any idea how much life was about to change – or how amazing it could be.

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  1. You guys are an amazing couple and we are proud to have you as friends.

  2. It makes me so happy to see how you make each other so complete. Love you guys, and love “you guys” together. =) What an amazing journey you share.

  3. Somewhere in the aging creases of my brain (?), there seems to be a saying, “Life is what you make it!” We hope and pray that the next ten years are full of joy and positive circumstances.

  4. Great slideshow! Congratulations on ten years! I hope I get to be a part of the next ten and on and on! loveyoumeanit….

  5. Loved the pictures and the narrative. Your have been happy and sad together and have all it takes to go on for 10x10x10x10x10x10.. as Osel likes to say. Blessings upon you and yours.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So totally enjoyed another peek into your lives, this time a happy one celebrating your awesome and enduring love together! šŸ™‚

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