An Incredible, Insightful Poem

This is a poem written by a beautiful young person that we knew, who recently committed suicide. I understand that there are lots of reasons and influences for someone to take such a drastic measure, but the words in here speak volumes. Please take a minute to read them, hear them, and apply their meaning to your job as a friend/parent/spouse/child. The name of the author has been intentionally left non-complete as to allow for the most amount of privacy possible. Do not copy, publish, or otherwise use this anywhere without getting consent from the family.

Young Taylor, we will apply your insight and advice as best we can to our everyday life, in every role possible. Thank you for sharing.

written by Taylor

Buried alive, captured and suffocated in the folds.
The dark is so loud and practically blinding.
It gets harder everyday knowing the challenges of the day ahead.
The labels that teens stick on to your back.
It’s hard being yourself as it is.
Engulfed in a life of manufactured personalities.
By everyone turning into what they think they should be.
Music blasting to tune out sound.
Absolutely silent when no one’s around.
Even when your head is throbbing.
Working through a long, endless day.
It seems to be your own hand turning up the volume.
This age of 14 can make your head spin.
Even though it’s the age where life really begins.
Heartbreaks, crying, laughing,
maybe like me, go into depression.
Already, I’ve had one too many therapy sessions.
Just listen now, this is a confession.
Drama is unnecessary, it make me livid.
Talking stuff about others.
Don’t even know them, at least not enough.
See, like I said, 14 is tough.

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