Potty Training

We are nearing the end of a year long journey, that in retrospect, seems so simple. It’s the journey that has eliminated (mostly) the need for diapers. At the beginning of our potty training efforts, our great friend, Peggy, advised us that no matter the difficulties of the process, we could rest assured that Ezra would not be going to prom in diapers. I can’t tell you how many times over the past year that thought has comforted us.

The early stages of the process was mostly dedicated to having Ezra sit on the potty when he showed interest (or we forced interest), but never netted anything other than him sitting on the potty. It didn’t even amount to a successful accident (at least that I can remember), and certainly didn’t lead to any continued interest on Ezra’s behalf. We had a struggle filled weekend or three – mostly on Ahna’s behalf, and we had some tense moments as we entered the conversation about pre-school. The promise of the beginning of his schooling and a few ‘free’ mornings a week, was threatened by a lack of ability to wear underwear, and that was particularly difficult for me to grasp….thankfully it wasn’t realized, as he was allowed to go to preschool, and the teachers were exceptionally willing to work with him as needed.

Part of the realization for us – apart from the whole prom thing – was that potty training (and with that insight, probably a whole lot of things to come) was going to happen when Ezra was good and ready, and not a moment sooner than that. We looked to Ezra for moments, conversations, suggestions, or any indicator of interest, but they really didn’t come. He was completely comfortable being in diapers – not influenced by any amount of peer pressure – and he was equally fine with a wet or dirty diaper. As a battle of wills goes, this one went to Ezra. As a battle of patience goes, this one went to us.

We had come to the conclusion over these months that since Ezra is so smart, and that he would start when he was ready, that it would be a quick and painless process. Painless, it has been….but I’m not sure if it’s been quick. I mean, it hasn’t taken months, but it didn’t get done in three days. Ezra started showing good interest in the beginning of March, and progress followed. On our recent trip to my Grandparent’s house in Florida, he followed in my footsteps and nailed down all of the basics of potty training there. We are making it through the night most of the time, staying dry during naps all of the time, and successfully making it to the bathroom 99% of the time – which is a better percentage than some of our friends. The only part of this that we haven’t gotten down is the wiping, which seems like an equally as confusing process to teach as it probably is to learn.

For now, staying in diapers certainly would be a lot less time consuming, a lot less stressful for us, and maintains a much cleaner bathroom. Aiming is a skill that is never mastered. But, this is a major life accomplishment for both Ezra and us that will ultimately make things a lot more freeing. At this point, I can’t remember what I used to fill our conversation quiet moments with before “do you have to go pee? do you have to go poop? are you sure?” entered our lives.

But I’m glad it’s there.


  1. Way to go, Ezra! Sounds like you guys have had quite the spring. Come on down, and he can practice peeing outside, where aiming isn’t such an issue. loveyoumeanit

  2. congratulations! – oh, and to Ezra too 😉 … Ahna told me the good news … I so feel the pain of it’s-like-I-spend-my-life-in-the-bathroom! such a relief when things start falling into place … yay for all!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Be prepared. Aiming does not seem to improve with age.

  4. Kjerstin says:

    Be prepared. Aiming does not improve with age. . .

  5. Andrea Davis says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha! Being in the starting phases of this myself I just have to laugh at the whole ordeal. Glad Ezra has come through for you at long last. Can I send Mackenzie to you for training? 🙂

  6. Way to go, Ezra! (And Ahna and Oren!) Sam is currently not interested in potty training at all – I’ll keep your “success story” in mind when it gets frustrating. Thanks! =)

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