Pre-school Graduation (?)

Wow….a whole school year done? Why was it that when we were waiting on Ahna’s year to finish up, it never went this quickly (still doesn’t even though she is on roughly the same calendar as Ezra). Ok, so it wasn’t a whole school year by the traditional definition, but it was the completion of a two-day a week, Aug-May, learning environment that occurred at a school.

Ezra made some awesome friends in his class, really enjoyed his teachers, brought home lots and lots of fun things to share with us, and most importantly – loved going to school. His year wrapped up with a nice little graduation-style ceremony and a party (captured very nicely by Ahna since I had to work). Next year will feature a pre-school program that he will attend three days a week, although it won’t be at the same school (but it will be nearby).

As we prepare for a summer off together (Ahna still has some days left), we are thankful for good school friends, committed teachers, and great opportunities to learn.


  1. Awesome pics, Ahna! I love the emotion you capture on Ezra’s face as he checks out that certificate in the first one. And you didn’t mention what the special food was – judging by Ezra’s face it was good. “/ Hope you are able to put your feet up and enjoy summer break. loveyoumeanit….

  2. The teacher/s must be quite dedicated to make all of those caps. Now you need a frame for the Certificate.

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