4 Years Old!

Birthday celebration photos coming soon, but here is the month-by-month progression of Ezra for the last 48 months.


  1. Con and Sandi Rettmer says:

    Great photos of Ezra,and very happy that you two are expecting.Were in Castle Rock helping Matt move and also celebrated his 40th. birthday.Took Shelly and the girls out for dinner,and the joint custody seems to be working well.In fact I mentioned to her that it appears they are getting along better now then when they were married,and she agreed!Enjoy your posts and forward them to Dave and Betty in Mpls.

  2. 4!!??!! Happy birthday Ezra!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow – four years of pictures. Thanks for doing this – a really fun way to watch Ezra grow up since we can’t be there to see it in person. loveyoumeanit…

  4. Wow – how awesome to see all four years of pictures together! Thank you for doing this. It really is fun to watch him grow up like this, considering we can’t see him in person every month. loveyoumeanit…

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