Boy Or Girl?

The answer to everyone’s mid-pregnancy question…..

For both pregnancies with Ezra and Liam, we didn’t find out gender until they were born. Reasons for that decision have previously been discussed here on the blog, but as we had control over one of life’s great surprises, we enjoyed the moment. But things change, and mindsets change. No better or no worse, just different; and for this pregnancy, we have settled on the ‘no-surprises’ theorem. And you know what? It’s been good. Not only for the blood pressure, but it has allowed this pregnancy to be a change from the other two. It has allowed this pregnancy to stand on it’s own, and it has allowed us to enjoy it in ways that we previously had not experienced. In that sense, it has been exactly what we needed.

So we ventured to the doctor’s office for the 20 week ultrasound, and toured the baby’s body through the images. Legs look good. Arms look good. Head size looks good. Stomach looks good. Heart looks good. Brain development looks good. Then, as matter-of-factly as the rest of the ultrasound went, the doctor told us the news. It’s time to trade in gender parts….We. Are. Having. A. GIRL!

We have been asked several times if we are ready to have a girl, and the answer is a resounding “yes!” In all honesty, we would have been thrilled to have had a girl or boy each of the previous times too, but after our experiences, the cliche became hard fact, and we only wanted a baby that was healthy. We have a lot to look forward to, and we have a lot to learn about (we may be more on the hook now for a larger share of wedding costs in the future, but at least for the next couple of years, pee is no longer a projectile event). Ezra is loving his little sister, and talks to her quite regularly; and he even asked Ahna the other day why the baby isn’t out yet. We are excited to enjoy the remainder of this pregnancy differently, and we are thrilled to be able to walk through life with this baby in a unique way that will be in her own image.

16-ish weeks to go.


  1. Congratulations! We hope Ahna is feeling well and is able to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

    Heather & Matthew

  2. Hip hip hooray! We are really excited for your family and keeping you in our prayers. I love that you are already thinking about trading in your diaper changing safety goggles for a wedding planner book. “/ loveyoumeanit!

  3. Yeah! I bet it was still a surprise–just a bit earlier! I’m sure little boys are pretty fabulous but my own experience tells me that little girls rock. Enjoy the excitement of preparation and contemplation. I hope all continues to be smooth sailing. I look forward to meeting her.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yay for girls!!! Coming from a home filled with estrogen (4 females) and scant testosterone (2 males), it’ll be a completely different (and most wonderful) experience for all of you! Congratulations!!

    p.s. We miss you both…but Ezra just a little bit more!! 🙂

  5. Val Haas says:

    Yay for girls! Coming from a home filled with estrogen (4 females) and scant testosterone (2 females), you are in for one different (and wonderful) ride! Congratulations!!

    p.s. We miss you both…but Ezra a little bit more! 🙂

  6. Becky Black says:

    So happy to hear your news! She’s a lucky little girl, having such a wonderful big brother! Haven’t quite wrapped my mind around the idea of my friend, Roni, having a granddaughter! Congratulations to you all.

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