The Resiliency Of The Garden

So a few weeks ago a wicked storm rolled through Castle Rock, bringing with it large hail, tons of rain, lightning like we have never seen, tornado warnings, and storm chasers. And it did some work on the house. A few flower pots were destroyed, a storage box was swiss cheesed, gutters were damaged, paint was damaged, the roof will need replacing, and the garden was beat up. The storm came just a short week or two after we planted it, and we thought it was completely destroyed. As it turns out, a couple of the vegetables did not survive, but the vast majority of the plants took the abuse and have come back very, very strong. It was a pleasant surprise when a week after the storm came we started to see new stems and leaves and the vegetables made there way back. Since then, they have continued to grow fast and furious – and they are checked upon quite regularly by Ezra, each time with a grand excitement in his voice about how big they have become. We are starting to see some very early tomatoes, the beginnings of some red peppers, the massive growth of spaghetti squash, and are close to being able to harvest some summer squash…and we are still awaiting the arrival of some other peppers and jalapenos. We are hoping to have some required vegetables-in-the-pan photos within the next few weeks!


  1. Wow – that is such a gorgeous garden! Glad to see your bathtub full and can’t wait to see your plates full. And maybe pictures of the cousins, too? loveyoumeanit…

  2. Last Friday evening, we had a heavy rain for about 30 minutes!! This one included hail about half the size of a marble. We have a planter in the front entry with Double Impatiens. They got hit quite badly so most of the blossums were gone. This is the second time since the end of May, that they have nearly been wiped out. We have wild turkeys going through our yard about 3 times a day, cleaning up under the bird feeders. Some of them picked the Impatiens buds right off of the stem. There is a 5′ high brick wall between our two units. We have two planters on this wall. We opened the front door recently; one of the turkeys had flown up onto the wall and was eating the Petunias right off of the stems. Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough!!!

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