Birthday Party Part 2: The Train Ride

(I think that this actually makes four different birthday related posts for this fourth birthday. Maybe too many, but who cares.)

On Ezra’s actual birthday, we had a chance to spend the day hanging out together. You know, there is something to be said for having the party at a park (minimizing clean up and activity planning) and doing it on a day that can be strictly centered on that party (ie: not the actual birthday). It allows for a rather relaxing and enjoyable celebration in a nuclear family sort of way.

We headed up to the mountains and into Georgetown to ride the railroad. They have a train there – The Georgetown Loop Railroad – that runs on an old mining track, which gives you a steam powered 1.5 hour ride through the mountains and up from Georgetown to Silver Plume. We were able to escape the summer of the front range, and enjoy some of the coolness provided by the mountains, while riding in an open-air car both directions (should you decide to go sometime, go as early as possible, as the train was full of school/camp kids on the return trip). It took a little while for Ezra to warm up to the motion, to the noise, and to the experience; but once he did, he had a blast.

He’s growing so damn fast.


  1. Yeah – what a great birthday memory for him! Glad you were able to beat the heat, too. The video was awesome, and I will second your sentiments that he is growing up so fast. Hope to see you all soon! loveyoumeanit…

  2. Tracy was a Division Point for the C & NW Railroad. Crews always changed there and we lived two blocks from the tracks. They still interest me but I’m on the other end………too old to ride them. Ezra will remember these days.

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