A Week In The Woods, Er…Cabin

Back to the cabin in Grand Lake for a great week of relaxing mountain life. This time….no moose, just lots and lots of heat. By the way, I just don’t get why public buildings constructed post-1980 don’t have air conditioning. I understand if you don’t want it in the house, and I also appreciate that most of the time it’s probably not needed…but AC is one of those things that when it is required, it’s really necessary….and when the library doesn’t have it, it’s a sad, smelly, sweaty mess. We spent the time up there at the exact same time that the wildfires were blowing up all over Colorado, so we were thankful to be reminded of what beauty exists in the state (without fire) and to be able to enjoy some clean air. Hiking was fun, fishing was successful, and time together was worth it all.

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