Ezra And His Sister

This kid is amazing, and I mean AMAZING. There will never be words that would adequately describe how well he has done in meeting his sister. He has been so excited for the past few months, and that excitement has not diminished since her arrival.

Last night, when he saw her for the first time, he exclaimed “she is so beautiful!” Remarks similar to that one filled his visit last night, and while the newness wore off a shade (in the way it does for four year olds) by the time he came this morning, his obvious and apparent love had only begun to grow…like walking around and telling anyone that would listen about his sister.

When he came in this morning, he had his first chance to sit and hold her. Elia immediately relaxed and fell asleep in his arms, and he sat there like a pro – not moving around, making sure that we were all staying quiet enough for her to sleep, and keeping her warm. Both Elia and Liam have been blessed with an outstanding brother in Ezra.





  1. No words can express the joy we feel for you. Mazel tov!
    Paulina and Eli.

  2. What a blessing! The pictures of tender-hearted Ezra are so sweet – you can see the pride and excitement in his face in that first one. How proud you both must be! loveyoumeanit

  3. So, so sweet. Thank you for sharing photos!

  4. Thank you for sharing these pictures that I’m sure you’ll cherish for years to come.xox
    So beautiful

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thrilled for you guys! Sending a huge hug to go all around!

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