Elia…Let’s Talk The Name

First things first, pronouncement of her name: most easily described as “Ellie-ah”.

We have been both surprised at the number of different ways we have already heard to say her name, given that it’s only four letters….and given that we only ever talked about it in a certain way…but we’ve enjoyed the creativity!

To address the question of it’s origin: since we didn’t know the gender of either Ezra or Liam prior to their birth, we had names for both boys and girls picked out. Elia is one that has been bouncing around the top of the list for a while, and it was one of two that we narrowed down for this baby when we found out she was a girl. We couldn’t decide between the two, and with her early arrival, we hadn’t really given it too much serious thought; but when she came, her name became apparent. Like Ezra and Liam, it has roots in old-school Hebrew; and it also has a few different, yet similar, meanings depending on where you look….all centering on good things. Her middle name comes from Ahna’s family, and has several iterations throughout the last couple of generations.

The letters that make up the name ‘Elia,’ would be like if we sat down and tried to combine the names Ezra and Liam. There are two letters from Ezra’s name, and three letters from Liam’s. I wish I could tell you that it was an intended result of choosing her name, but that just wouldn’t be true. Regardless, it’s one of the coolest coincidences that you could hope for.


  1. I love the name! I was surprised by the creative pronunciations of Malia in those early days too. I love that it is a blend of Ezra and Liam. What a meaningful way to connect the three kids.

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