2012 El Otoño Futbol

Somehow recreation leagues have gotten away with completely redefining the seasons. According to them, Ezra participated in a ‘fall’ soccer league, which was in fact from the beginning of August through the beginning of October. By any calendar calculations, that would put it at seven weeks of summer, and two weeks of fall. This can be confusing to people, especially when you start talking about signing up for a season based league that has the majority of it in another season than advertised. They really should consider stopping the laziness of stealing another season’s moniker, and create one that would be more appropriate to what time frame is actually covered. Perhaps instead of ‘fall’ they can call it the ‘back to school and get sick’ league; and instead of ‘spring’ they can call it the ‘oh well, skiing is over, now it’s time to play soccer again’ league. I don’t know, just a few suggestions.

Anyhow…Ezra did in fact participate in his first soccer league this ‘fall’ and it lived up to all of the hype that a four year old league can. For him and most of his teammates, it was their first time playing an organized sport, so there was a huge learning curve to even understand the concepts of a game, a team, goals, etc. The few kids that had previously played – or have older siblings that play – had a significant advantage over those that were going at it for the first time. And if your not a parent, and don’t understand how different a few months of physical development can be at four years old…just head over to a soccer game and watch for a while.

He did all of the typical things that would be expected of someone his age and something so new – needless to say, he isn’t showing all signs of becoming the next Messi just yet. But he tried (most of the time) and he did improve greatly over the first practice/game of the season; and most importantly he had fun and stated that he would like to do it again. The team called themselves the Broncos, and it was a great group of kids and parents. Relaxed, yet supportive and encouraging; we never saw anything that was negatively newsworthy throughout any of the games.

As Ezra got to experience a first, so did we…..figuring out how to work dinner around a scheduled weekly event. Quick home from work, quick change into gear, quick gather everything…crap, we forgot to wash his socks again, quick drive over to the fields, quick get his shoes on…crap, we forgot to bring some water, quick grab the jacket that we left in the car, quick eat a snack, quick drive home…crap, dinner planned will take an hour to cook, and finally quick figure something else out instead. Ah, it all begins.


  1. I really enjoyed getting to watch one of said fall games during the summer. Terribly entertaining to watch – maybe I can come again next season and see the progression of development. I wish our kids had soccer here. Maybe Ezra can teach Elia the fundamentals. loveyoumeanit

  2. You may want to check the Birth Certificate of the center fellow in the back row of the last picture! He may be a bit mature.

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