Back In Time, Virginia Style

Way back in August, I took the opportunity to jet to Virginia for a very quick trip to visit friends and Jonathan. It had been somewhere in the neighborhood of three years since I had the chance to spend any time in the area, so I was thankful to have the stars align right to be able to see some close friends.

Right off of the plane, into horrible DC area traffic, to Alex’s house, and off to Harper’s Ferry, WV for a really cool hike. I was quickly reminded of the amazing friendship that I miss on a more frequent basis, as well as the amazing amount of humidity that I equally don’t miss in the least. The hike was a couple of miles up to a lookout rock that provided awesome views of the city of Harper’s Ferry. After the hike, we went into town and enjoyed a beer at a super cool pub called the Secret Six Tavern – named for the men who conspired with John Brown.

While there, I had the chance to catch up with a friend that I hadn’t seen since high school (!) and meet her beautiful family, explore the area where I grew up, visit Jonathan as well as Section 60 at Arlington (where they are burying the dead from Iraq/Afghanistan), visit Gil and family, and spend a touch of time reminiscing by myself. It was perfect.


  1. Looks like some beautiful scenery out in that area.

  2. Just wish we could hang more often bro! Your daughter is beautiful…

  3. Just wish we could hang out more often bro! Your daughter is beautiful…

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