A Visit With Thomas

Are there still children in this middle class world that aren’t in love with Thomas? Or at least aren’t romanticized by large, old trains? Certainly not in our house, and a little while back, Ezra had the chance to go and meet his cartoon obsession in person.

Thomas the Tank Engine, along with a few other characters, and all the commercialism came for their annual visit to the Colorado Train Museum. It turns out to be quite the orchestrated, mass visited event, but the climax of the trip is a chance to ride on a train pulled by Thomas. Us, a couple of Ezra’s best friends (parents included) and a few hundred other friends made the loop around the train yard a few times before being put back onto the museum grounds.

Even though the marketing component of the traveling circus is extremely large, it was a lot of fun to be immersed into Sodor and the train museum – which is pretty super cool. It was great fun to be able to share the experience with some seasoned veterans of the Thomas ride, and I’m not entirely sure that we will be able to miss it next year.

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