Elia Medical News Pt 2: Patent Urachal Sinus

We noticed that the fluid from her belly button had not stopped leaking, and inquired with the pediatrician during her one month visit. He again referred us to get an ultrasound, to determine if there  was urine leaking from the area. For the record, that sounded completely strange to me, since I had no idea that this was even possible. But, it turns out that in utero, the bladder is connected to the umbilical cord to drain some waste from the baby, and this connection should close at/near birth. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

The ultrasound revealed that that is exactly what is happening with her belly button.  We had a visit last week with a pediatric surgical urologist at The Children’s Hospital, and he confirmed that Elia will need surgery to repair the connection (ie: get rid of it). We are understood that this will be ‘minor’ on the scale of surgeries, but will include an incision through her belly button, and general anesthesia…..therefore making it a little more than ‘minor’ to us. It will be one of those all day events, two hours prior, 1.5 hours surgery, 3-5 hours afterwards; but if all goes well, we will be home that night. Should she need further attention, there really isn’t a better place in the world for her to be.

While we understand the weight of these issues, or more specifically, we understand perspective on how much worse things could be…it is still somewhat challenging. We have also deliberately strayed from research on the internet, as clear answers are a lot harder to come by than fear is to find. Neither of these issues are urgent, and neither of these issues are cause for any lasting effects at this point.


  1. My goodness! I am just so sad to hear all you are going thru. One wonders when enough is enough. My thoughts are with you all. A surgeon once told us do you know what minor surgery is? His reply “When its someone else child” In other words any surgery to your child is major! I am sure you have it handled but please let me know if you need someone to some help out at the hospital or is there something else you need. Take Care dear family. Take Care.

  2. So did your baby got the surgery? I am a 40 year old man and I have none urinary problems however by accident a urachal cyst was found in my bladder and I have been advised to have it removed. I really want to avoid surgeries because as you said it sounds like minor surgery but looks like major surgery to me. I am seeing a naturopath now and have been advised not to rush into surgery and rather trying a naturopath approach

  3. The fixable surgical world–a good place to be in comparison but daunting none the less or so we found it to be. We will be thinking of you and hoping all is smooth as can be. Here’s to cuddling that baby post-successful surgery. Brita

  4. Thinking about you guys…surgery is always scary, but necessary in this situation. I know you guys are getting taken care of, but if Dana can help with any advice just let us know. She works with the neonates quite a bit…I mentioned the hip dysplasia and she was all over it.

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