Elia Medical News Pt 1: Hip Dysplasia

The doctors in the hospital first noticed a click in both hips when doing examinations just after birth. They stated that due to the fact that she was breach and that she was a she, this upped the likelihood that she might have those clicks, and that those clicks might turn out to be hip dysplasia. This possibility was confirmed by our pediatrician, and has been noticed on her left hip on each of the visits – although less so over the past two weeks. Our pediatrician referred us to get an ultrasound of her hips to confirm/rule out the dysplasia, which we did a couple of weeks ago.

It turns out that she didn’t meet the coverage needs of the hip to the femur, thus indicating that there might be something that needs further treatment….however, there are two very key things that came up. The first is that the tech tried to dislocate her hips, and was not successful – which is a good thing. The second is that she was really too young to even be there for a good diagnosis, and there is a chance that she doesn’t even have a problem. Normally, they wait until 4 weeks post full-term to do the ultrasound, so we had to make another trip to the hospital for another ultrasound of the same place. We did that yesterday, and are awaiting the results from our pediatrician. The tech – probably doing exactly has she is supposed to do – didn’t give us any indication either way, despite our abbreviated attempts at prying it out of her.

We haven’t really explored what treatment options are out there, as we don’t know that we need to just yet. We do know that when dysplasia is found and treated at this age, it is ‘totally’ fixable with some relatively minor intervention, like a brace of some sort for a few weeks/months – upwards of six months possible. So, we patiently await a phone call from our doctor…


  1. Sorry to hear guys, but, as you said, when they catch things this early there’s great chances to fix it.

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