Halloween 2012

Woody has entered the building. I’m amazed at how, after an original stint with one of Ezra’s cousins, a $20 costume has survived two households, a year of occasional dressing up, and a Halloween season that included time at a school party, the actual evening, and an additional wearing for a special event at the Denver Center for Performing Arts….only to be returned to the costume bin in the playroom for more abuse. It’s not often that outfits with this sort of niche find such travel success, but this one is going to be hard to top. Compare that to Elia’s best ladybug outfit, which while it was extremely cute, is already essentially too small for any further wear.

PS – The Family Fun Forum at the Denver Center is awesome. Ezra had the chance to walk a balance beam while jumping through a hoop, he swung around on a trapeze, acted on TV, made scary noises, had a choreographed sword fight, learned about the Day of the Dead, and got to interact with students/actors at the Center. All of this without the influence of Dad’s camera. Eh.

PPS – Scary lady (husband not pictured) and her house is the neighbor down the street. They set up an amazing Halloween display and scared the neighborhood kids all evening long.


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