Rewind: Elia Hits The Pool

Age: 6 months (as these rewind posts are created, age seems like an important thing to include in Elia’s case)

Given how much we like swimming, it’s somewhat surprising that it took us an entire six months before we found our way to the pool with Elia. But, it seemed to work out alright since after the initial environmental shock, she settled right in and enjoyed the experience. Ezra showed her the surroundings of the kid’s pool, and I took her to the deeper end for some underwater time. I’m always amazed at how instinctual it is for kids to hold their breath when underwater…I guess that I just presumed that it was a taught skill prior to having children. Going to the pool with Ezra and Elia is a different experience than with just one of them, but Ezra has come a long way in swim lessons, and he has afforded us the ability to just let him play on his own without constant supervision..which is both freeing and troubling at the same time.


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