Rewind: Florida Spring Break

Elia Age: 6 months

Observations from Florida: March is a pretty decent time to hit northern Florida. My Grandparents are amazing. A last minute decision to drive 3 hours each way to surprise Ezra with a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom was awesome, tiring, expensive, and completely worth it (and Elia was a serious trooper). I’m amazed at what my Grandparents are still able to do with their Great-Grandchildren – build, play, swing, color, and read. I love that Ezra and Elia have a great relationship with their Great-Grandparents. If given a choice, there is no choice: non-stop flights are the only way to go with kids. Memories are worth the wallet hit and the headaches.




  1. Wow – that’s a serious rewind. It was great to see the ladies in your family on Saturday. How much Elia grew since I saw her in July – she looked taller! Hope you are all adjusting well to the school year. loveyoumeanit…

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