Rewind: A Devil Of A Hike

It’s not that Ezra is a stronger kid than anyone else, or that he has more stamina than any other 4 year old, or even that he is braver than anyone his age…but sometimes I think so. Early summer 2013, 3 miles, 1000 foot of elevation gain, and 145 steps at the top to the lookout tower – and not a single complaint. He rocked it and climbed it all on his own. The summit of the hike is one of only a couple remaining fire lookouts that are staffed, and you are subsequently rewarded with amazing 360 degree views of the front range. We met with the ranger who lives up there, and he and Ezra enjoyed a nice conversation about life at the top of the mountain and wildfire prevention before we began the hike back to the inevitable nap in the car on the way home.


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