Liam’s 3rd Birthday: A Request

Tomorrow is supposed to be Liam’s third birthday. Alas, it is actually a day that has this off combination of current reality and memory, and a day where all of the emotion doesn’t have a place to release. Last year we asked a favor of you, and within that favor we looked for ways to cope with the absence. And you delivered it to us in ways that we couldn’t have imagined.

So guess what…we are asking again. I’m not sure if this is going to turn into the same request each year – there might be a slight modifier in the future – but so far, this request hasn’t jumped the shark. It’s still relevant, and there is still much that can be done. So as a reminder of what we asked last year (or if you are new on this journey with us), we are asking that you go out and do something nice for someone else.

The recipient can be a family member, a friend, a coworker, or a complete stranger. All that we ask is that you expect nothing in return, and that whatever you choose to do will have positive outcomes in a way that would be appropriate for celebrating Liam (it doesn’t have to be for a kid or kid-centric, but you know what we mean).

You can do it tomorrow, or within a few days…but please don’t delay: keep your act of amazingness relative to the inspiration. Give someone the gift of a free coffee or meal, pass along something that you don’t need anymore to someone that does need it, give your employees some extra family time, donate, or find your own way to give. You will know what you need to do when you look for it…and if something smacks you in the face, don’t ignore it because it’s hard or it’s something that isn’t easy.

It would be an honor if you remembered Liam and celebrated him with us in this fashion. Let us know (if you want) by posting either here or on Facebook what you did: it will allow a geography dissecting celebration of Liam possible.


  1. Hello. After reading a little about Liam’s story, I thought of him much today, and thoughts are with you also. While thinking of him, I gave several hugs today, hugs to both children and adults and told people how I appreciate them. Over my lunch break I stopped and bought a matchbox car toy set to give to the Children’s Home Society. Performing these acts today has lifted my spirits, and hopefully has lifted other’s spirits as well.

  2. Been off internet awhile, but I thought of Liam while traveling on his birthday. I remembered running into his parents at the airport amidst hordes of people. We were granted the miracle of getting through the security line quickly, so I passed it on for Liam and gave some cuts to people at the airport instead of being pushy. It was worth the looks of surprise from people who expected traveling to be more of a hassle than a holiday.

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