Wow. Wow. Wow. 

Your response to Liam’s birthday has been incredible. We will give it a few days (to allow some more greatness to happen) and post an update on who, what, and how things got done. 

Thank you. 


  1. Betty & Dave says:

    For 49 years, I was a member of Tracy Lutheran Church. We moved to the Twin Cities in July 1985 in order to be close to our two children.

    On many occasions in the past 5 years, I have Emailed the secretary of the church for vital information, questions about items in their publication, The Messenger, and some were just an Email of Thanks.

    Regardless of what it is, she is back with an answer, sometime within minutes. I usually comment as to her efficiency….she will usually come back with “Thank you Mr. Abernethy.”

    This week I have decided to send her a check, personally, with instructions to “Take your husband out some night for two dinners, on us.”

    I am sure it is something she never would expect.

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