Day 2 Picture Dump

It was a wonderful day today….Ahna was taken off all of her connections (IV, BP, SaO2, etc) and had her bandages removed – which allowed her to take a shower for the first time in a while. I left in the late morning to run home, shower, shave, and grab a few things that we needed. We had the normal steady flow of nurses and doctors this morning; and Ezra showed that he is doing very well by everyones estimation. 

This afternoon we had a steady stream of visitors and family – which we absolutely love. Ezra was a little fussy for about two hours this morning – which we think was due to the fact that he still had some amniotic fluid in his stomach – but for the rest of the day was a real trooper. Ahna just finished feeding him, and I just checked his diaper and got him bundled up for sleep. The two hour clock is running….so here are some pictures from today!

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